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I was conceived by rape, grew up feeling worth less than others as a result of child sexual abuse and was a target of human trafficking at 13, sold into prostitution on my 14th birthday, faked an abortion to get free from the man holding me. I pledged my life to God and married a wonderful man, raised five great children and now have two grandchildren.

I am so passionate about the value of every life; whether one is conceived with wine and roses, in a test tube or as a result of violence. I absolutly reject the utilitarian view that people are valuable only if they can contribute to society in arbitrarily contrived ways. We should all hold to the Declaration of Independence’s admonition that each of us is endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights: the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These God given rights are consecutive, not concurrent or competing. Without the right to life, nothing else matters.

I share stories and encouragement about Child Sexual Abuse Recovery, and Human Trafficking Awareness, as well as ProLife Apologetics in my blog. Sometimes thought provoking, sometimes comforting, I share my heart. The heart of a woman transformed by God’s grace.

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