Angry Christmas

Everyone gets angry, right? It is just part of the human experience. The holidays are supposed to be full of peace and joy. Let’s be real. This time of year is super stressful.

You don’t even have to come from a fractured family, or a traumatic situation to be totally stressed at Christmas. Maybe you’ve had no huge losses. Maybe life has been full of privilege and security for you. There is still the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

Travel, shopping, visiting, and parties are further complicated by the weather for some.

In the North, where the snow is flying,

Car accidents and freezing pipes,

decreased visibility and snowball fights,

salt and muck on all our cars means sloppy dresses might just be ours

and tensions flaring, eyeballs glaring, busy days and no calls returned

mean wondering if wrongs were done,

inadvertently or by the sum

of actions taken or not while we’re busy baking.

You may not have had any experience with dysfunctional coping mechanisms, slander, and blame, gossiping nannies play a narcissistic game.

Fear may not have been the rule in your childhood home,

family members Freddy Cruger might condone

and maybe


was shared with relative ease

in your little world, there was no one you had to appease.

Still, even if you plan all year long and gather the gifts, wrapping along the way,

someone or something will come up each day

that will send you reeling to play catch-up

and try as you might, someone or something will put up a fight.

The worst is struggling with inanimate objects,

sorting through solutions and low and behold, at the cost untold

you finally win, but against all bets.

Looking around at the house and the car,

the tree and the gifts, the food and the star,

when the dog eats your treats and the cat breaks the balls,

what’s really important are the people and calls,

and the thing that makes it all worth the effort and all of the strife

is the people you hold dear throughout all of your life.

For too many the season is really unwelcome.

Their concept of Christmas is some kind of mine field full of backbiting fights

and their internal trauma is triggered by lights.

Even when they are grown

and they have family of their own,

the past creeps into interrupt the peace

they should have known.

So, when you lift up the cup, to celebrate the gift of baby Jesus this year,

please remember those who are struggling and say a quick prayer.

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