Prolife in 2016

Fake News has been all the rage in 2016. Debunked stories were abundant as propaganda was exposed over and over again. Some were merely opinions others were clearly designed to mislead the public and advance a particular agenda.

Pro-life advocates have had a bad rap. Pro-life people are people. They are just as fallible as anyone. We make mistakes and over react. Pro-abortion advocates are the same, but the blindness that covers their eyes to the fact that abortion kills thousands of tiny people every day extends to the way they see things.

Women’s rights were hard fought and came at great sacrifices. Women’s suffrage extends to all kinds of public policy. Women enjoy tremendous autonomy here in the US. The early suffragettes were called feminists, but they differ from feminists today. They preserved the dignity and grace of nurturing womanhood. Their words are life affirming for everyone, including preborn babies.

Thankfully or unfortunately, the explosion of knowledge has given more people more information to consider. Abortion is at its lowest, since the Roe v Wade decision. The height of the abortion industry’s horrifying genocide was in the mid-80s. I believe that the reason is that information has revealed the truths. Technology has exposed the humanity of the children. It has shown that abortion is extreme violence.  Many women have exposed their own excruciating pain after submitting for abortion.

I hope 2016 was the tipping point. It may have been just barely, but the country voted for many pro-life candidates to take a majority. I pray we can continue the trend of protecting women’s rights while advancing the protection of pre-born children.

Being pro-life is about more than abortion. Women’s rights are important. Abortion, in my opinion, should not be one of them as noted in the top seven posts for 2016.


    My mom was a 15-year-old virgin from a small town in 1966. That spring she was violently raped. He told her he’d ruined her and no one else would want her. She believed him. He convinced her to marry him after she discovered she was pregnant. Read more…


    The rights of a woman and her preborn child are not at odds. How cruel are you? You influence people all across the country and around the world and you have that to say? Governor Christie is a type for politicians that say they’re pro-life, but have elitist exceptions for abortion. Dehumanizing a category of human beings is the first step to controlling life or death for all human beings. Who will be next on the list of expendables? Read more…


    Testifying or any kind of public speaking can be terrifying for some people. I’m asking you to be courageous because people’s lives are at stake. Legislators are people, just like you and me. We need to let them know that all lives matter. Read more…


    Tomorrow is my birthday. When my mom was 15 years old, she was raped. When she found out she was pregnant with me, she said, “We’re in this together.” She immediately recognized that I was a second victim of his crime. He’d convinced her that he’d ruined her, so amidst social pressure, she married him.  After two years of brutality, on the verge of suicide, she got away from him. Pregnant again, from spousal rape, she had trouble bonding and took care of us dutifully. Read more…


    Soundbites about the ‘rape exception’ are handy. The subject comes up a lot in my work. So, I have made a list of responses.

    Of course, we all have to use our own words, but I hope to spark a new thought or two. Read more…


    I’m not sure exactly where and when they went wrong. They have been the national pro-life organization since Roe v. Wade. That was almost 44 years ago. 44 years of continued killing. 44 years of wounded women. 44 years of failed efforts. Read more…


    A couple of weeks ago, the story of Brock Turner was broadly publicized. His face was splattered all over social media and rightly so. He perpetrated crimes, for which he was properly convicted. He doesn’t deserve anonymity and he doesn’t deserve to be given preferential treatment, because of his family, or athletic ability, or his looks, or any other qualifier. Read more…


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