Who Told You, You Were Naked?

How many people do you want to be naked in front of? (I know I should not end a sentence with a preposition) That isn’t what’s important.

Most of us don’t want to be naked in front of more than our mirror and maybe a spouse or significant other. Some us dare not expose ourselves at all. How many of us hide our true selves at all costs.

“Who told you, you were naked?” God asked Adam in the garden. Who could it have been? Was this a rhetorical question or could another have told Adam that he was naked? We are told that there are angels that are messengers of God. Could someone else have told him?

Imagine, if an angel had told him. What would it have been like for all of us, if Adam and Eve ate from the tree of life instead of the tree of knowledge of good and evil? We would be here on earth with no shame, no guilt, no fear.

This week, I saw that one of the advocates against human trafficking supported Planned Parenthood. Not knowing anything about the person, I sent a note asking if they knew that Planned Parenthood covers up trafficking. I hoped she was simply unaware. I exposed the blatant inconsistency of supporting an organization that undermined her efforts to protect the rights of persons not to be used.

She retorted that the reports came from people with an agenda. Ummm, ya. That is right. The agenda is against the deadly business of Planned Parenthood. Then, she mentioned that youth need their other services. So, I replied with a link mapping the providers other than Planned Parenthood in the US. Next, I asked her to look up Abby Johnson and ATTWN and assured her that I wouldn’t bother her with information again.

I got a message from the advocacy group reminding me that they are a single issue entity and I should not be talking with others about issues not in the charter of their group. No word back from the person I first sent info to. (there I go again with a preposition.)

So, I explained that I wasn’t sure whether or not we were having a conversation, but that I did not expose the fallacy on any forum, but only by message to the one person. I can only guess why she approached a third party. I had already assured her that I was not going to keep bothering her.

“Who told you, you were naked?” God asked because Adam said that when he heard God in the garden he was afraid and hid.

What would our world be like without fear? Of course, none of that interaction would have happened because we would all be perfect with nothing shameful or uncomfortable to expose. The other advocate and I would both probably be doing something very creative because we are both passionate about people and freedom.

Closing the second message, I thanked her for her advocacy of restoring the rights of people trapped in human trafficking.

Trafficking, aka slavery, is a violation of natural rights to personhood. So is abortion. Planned Parenthood supports both and even goes a step further by trafficking baby body parts after they kill them.

Abortion violates the right to life. Trafficking violates the right to liberty. Both are worthy of our opposition.



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