Who Told You that You Are a Princess?

My granddaughter drew a picture of herself with a sparkly crown on her head. She proudly showed it to me via video calling. I was so thrilled. I wrote a story for her with photos from her life and family. In it, I told her that the Father of Lights, Creator of the universe and King of Kings wants her to be His princess.

Perhaps, you are thinking, What about a prince? Of course, He wants us all to be His royal family here on earth.

He chose you. Will you accept the invitation?

From the foundation of the earth, the Scripture tells us that everyone has the opportunity to become part of the chosen people. Many of us who have sufered child sexual abuse have a distorted sense of what that means. Not that I have attained a full grasp, but I have spent a good deal of time reading, researching and seeking the Truth for myself.

It sounds like I am boasting about privilege when I say I am His Darling Princess to some people. The opposite is true for me. I see royalty as a position of great responsibility. For those who study history and cultures will recognize that the land owners and fortunate people who had education and privilege often took advantage of others, but just as many made great endowments that cared for people and not just provided for their needs, but also encouraged skill and ingenuity, creativity and growth.

Our election as a child of the King of Kings is a privilege. One we did not earn. However, I have known people to become prideful, arrogant and ‘holier-than-thou’ in their approach to life. This hubris pride has no positive effect on the world around us. In fact, it can cause some serious problems for the perpetrators and recipients alike.

Everyone has unique gifts and talents; we all have some things that we excel in. Multiple intelligence theory helps us understand how different we are and yet, how similar all of humanity really is. When we hone a skill or fine-tune ability, we should be proud of the work that it took to get there. That is authentic pride and the confidence that flows is so important. The kind of impact that it has is nearly always good. Occasionally people will be jealous. Usually the effort you put in benefits you and those around you.

On a sports team, the whole team wins when everyone is putting in their best efforts. If it’s a project at work or school, the finished work is congratulated. A good dinner is appreciated. A clean house enjoyed. A flowerbed smiled at. From the smallest to the greatest accomplishment we should be proud of our work. That is not hubris.

As children of the Most High, we have a responsibility to do our very best to serve those around us. I believe we must become acquainted with injustice, so that we might lift up a standard against it. We should not just expose human rights violations, but we should work to solve the problems that cause them.

I have been so amazed at some of my friends and acquaintances. From the mother of one or more children, providing a safe, loving environment for her children to grow and become kind people to the political activist working to change laws that protect the rights of human beings, we all have a part of the responsibility to make a difference in this world.

Behaving like royalty means so much more to me than expecting privilege. What did Jesus say? “The greatest among you must be a servant.” Matt32:11

So, what are you doing with your status?

Are you a child of the King of Kings? If you don’t know how to be adopted into the royal family, just ask.

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