Ban Abortion, Except…

NH Lawmakers saw a bill come through the House of Representatives that proposed to ban abortion after the child attains an age and the capability to live outside of the womb, separated from his or her mother because abortion kills a baby.

The bill supporters specified that it is barbaric to kill children. Chopping them up and crushing their skulls is certainly a bad thing. The bill’s sponsor wrote an appeal requesting help from constituents that left me confused and annoyed.

He repeatedly referred to the innocent victims of abortion as “it”. Dehumanizing the very children he was saying he wanted to protect was surely a simple mistake, right?

Further, there were exceptions in the bill that betrayed the intent of the proposed law and made it worse than no law at all, codifying abortion in cases where maternal health is at risk. Maternal health is defined by the Supreme Court as broadly as one could imagine, encompassing all aspects of life. “Medical judgment may be exercised in light of all factors–physical, emotional, psychological, familial and the woman’s age–relevant to the wellbeing of the patient.”

It couldn’t possibly be more subjective.

Who decides how the pregnancy impacts her health? A woman and the abortionist. The abortionist is a person of considerable authority in our culture, usually referred to by the title of doctor. This high station still has God-like status to many people. The doctor’s orders are generally unquestionable and followed regardless of the consequences. The same abortionist that stands to make money doing the abortion will decided if it’s in a woman’s best interest to kill the child before anyone else can see them. So, are we to think that abortionists will tell women to carry to term, if she is distressed in any way?

I hated pregnancy. I was miserable every time. I vomited throughout all nine months, had headaches, gained an obscene amount of weight, had no energy and cried frequently. Once my babies were born, it was like a switch had been flipped. I was ecstatic for months. Many women suffer with pregnancy, but that is no reason to kill a baby.

Let’s consider genuine threats to the moms. There are real medical emergencies that threaten maternal lives. Preterm delivery is not the same as abortion. The child may die, but if he or she is not delivered both mom and baby die. The clear difference is that a real doctor doesn’t enter the womb with instruments designed with the sole purpose of tearing and twisting the arms and legs off of the child and crushing him so that the parts can be drawn out separately, ensuring a dead baby. There is no need for abortion.

The bill also had exceptions for fetal anomaly. The so-called, incompatible with life crap. Only a deceased baby has a condition incompatible with life. All others are alive. I do not pretend to know what it is like to have a doctor or doctors tell me that my child will die at, before, or shortly after birth. I cannot begin to imagine. I do know that doctors have been wrong and miracles happen, but also that children do die. Delivering a baby that will die, as heart wrenching as it would be, is still not killing a child.

A real doctor will support both patients and try to find support services to help parents get through the traumatic circumstances with as few complications as possible. Abortionists will take their money and destroy their baby.

The bill’s proponents also said the bill would ban abortion later in pregnancy because it is dangerous to women and it is. Making exceptions to allow abortion in some cases doesn’t change that in any way, but it does refute their claim that the ban is for the protection of women.

Millions of women have submitted to abortionists. If you are one of them, I want you to know that this post is in no way designed to hurt you. If it does, there are post-abortion groups and retreats to bring hope and healing.

This post is designed to shine light on the fact that if a bill claims to ban abortion because it is dangerous to women and because it is barbaric to kill children, then adds exceptions, it defeats itself. It is still dangerous to women and it is still barbaric to kill children.

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