Lyme Life Monday ~

Are you stuck in a rut? So many people are. I know a lot of people with chronic illness that have seasons of blah and seasons of exciting growth. I often wonder what makes the difference. Are they just lucky, especially motivated, inexplicably charged with energy? I don’t know, but I wish I did.

I pushed really hard through the first week but ran out of steam this week. Even though I really need some energy to get some things done, I am finding myself unable to shake the stiffness, fatigue, and pain. Pain relievers are not helping. Coffee, Excedrin, and other food haven’t made a difference.

There are real needs here that I can answer if I just had the strength. Maybe I’m suffering from a super-hero syndrome. You know, the idea that we are supposed to save the world. How many times do we see a problem in our community and believe that we have an answer, if only we had ‘x’ resources.

Starving children, overdosing parents, shatterd lives from years or generations of abuse, and so many other social problems do have answers. None of us can solve them all, but all of us can solve some. Each of us can reach out to one hurting person or send a few dollars a month to a food pantry or even a neighbor in dyer circumstances. Maybe, teach some better coping skills to young parents or a struggling student. Many times the resources we need are the ones we already have.

Having only a few good hours per day is really frustrating. I try to recall, last year, when I wasn’t able to do even a few hours and I am grateful. Still, lying here in pain, virtually unable to move is demoralizing to say the least.

I guess I will rest in the fact that I am still here and hope for more tomorrow. I hope you are well and that you get enough sleep. I hope that each of us can fulfill all that we are created for.

Why Can’t I Get Better? This book might help. I’ll let you know.

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