Abortion Is Violence Against Women

Let’s be consistent. If we are advocating to protect women from violence, but then turn on them when they are most vulnerable, during pregnancy, we betray all the people we work for by our own efforts.

It blows my mind. It’s not a leap. If we just think about it for a moment, we can see that it’s true that abortion is violence against women.

She’s pregnant and scared, even married women with hugely supportive families, who planned to get pregnant and have everything all set are scared. Anxiety about, well, everything! Pretty much every aspect of pregnancy is scary. Will the baby be ok? Will I be a good mom? Will there be pain, swelling, fatigue, …all the changes in my body…? Most of us have heard the ‘worst pregnancy ever’ stories. Type in “What happens when I’m pregnant” in to your browser. I got 23,100,000 results. Being scared is normal.

Then compound that situation for women who did not plan to get pregnant, who might have been on contraception, who might have been soooo careful. They have way more emotional work to do. That’s ok. You can do it. You might need a little help to get through. You might need a lot, but you can do it. Being scared is normal and needing help is ok.

Another layer of complication would be added if there is trauma involved. We see this often in abusive relationships, incest, rape, sex trafficking, and domestic violence. She’ll need lots of help and from a variety of sources. She may need housing, counseling, tangible items, food, clothing and intangible, like education, life skills and learning new coping mechanisms.

Abortion vendors prey on women. They have managed to deceive the public into thinking they sell a service. They commit violence against women and kill their children.

When people advocate for abortion, especially in cases of trauma, they are advocating for having another person invade her body, forcing instruments into her to scrape her inside with a curved knife to cut her baby from his or her place. If the baby is big enough, the abortionist will cut the baby in pieces, before pulling him or her out of the woman. The woman who has suffered some traumatic event or may have suffered for some period of time in a terrible situation, is left bleeding and in tremendous pain.

Then, the aftermath of trying to cope with that trauma is made so much more complicated because she was complicit. Often completely deceived, sometimes misled, occasionally with full knowledge about the status of the baby, she submits to abortion. She is often not culpable because she has been led there in a state of utter duress, full of fear and dread of the unknown. That fear overtakes her and logic and executive reasoning are thrown out the window. Healing from the betrayal of abortion is available, but we can protect women from violence in the first place.

Like any victim of gaslighting, proponents of abortion in cases of assault conception have been made to think abortion will be an answer to a problem, but in reality it often is the problem. Abortion kills the only witness that can testify to paternity. Abortion only relieves the perpetrator of the assault. Abortion will never unrape a woman. Abortion’s only purpose is the death of her child for the monetary gain of the abortionist. The mother of is always left bleeding and in pain.

She may be returned to her abuser. It hapens often. Far too often. Young girls brutally abused and suffering at the hands of adults who should be caring for them are repeatedly subjected to the core violation of sexual abuse. She becomes pregnant, has an abortion and then, she is sent back bleeding and in pain.

How can we say we advocate for protecting women from violence and then, advocate for it at the same time?




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