Handmaids Devoid of Compassion

Recently, the NH House of Representatives passed bill  SB66. For years, NH refused to grant any status to a pre-born child killed in the commission of a crime. Just calling a baby, another, was too much for NH’s lawmakers. Children killed by drunk drivers or when a pregnant woman was attacked might as well have not existed, according to the law. So, when a driver ran a red light and Griffin’s mom was struck and he died as a result, no charge whatsoever could be levied against the perpetrator for his death.

That is one of numerous cases like it, where the family grieved the loss of their loved one. A grave injustice had been committed and the one responsible suffered no consequences for it. They may have had consequences for hurting the mom and the traffic violation, but not the death of their precious family member.

SB66 is abysmal. Specific exemptions within the text codify the legitimacy of abortion in our law. It specifically states that in no way can this law apply to mothers who choose abortion or the abortion vendors and yet, there were people who still protested the bill.

After 20 weeks gestation, a preborn child that dies during the commission of a crime against the mother will be counted as another. So, for those families who have waited five months to greet their new family member, some acknowledgement of their loss and some culpability for their deaths will be established.

It doesn’t even pertain to people who may have been hoping and waiting years for their new family member that has reached a lesser milestone of development. For any woman pregnant less than 20 weeks, their child, no matter how welcome, no matter how anticipated, no matter how loved is not even acknowledged.

SB66 doesn’t protect one child from anything.

So, why the protest? People, not even all women, dressed in Handmaid’s costumes stood in the gallery in some kind of attempt to implicate the bill’s intent to prevent women from killing their children by abortion if they wanted to. It is complete madness.

In my view, they are devoid of compassion. This bill is as far as possible from a prohibition of abortion. One comment that proponents of the bill “trotted out victims” was especially telling. These families that lost their children to criminals wanted other families to be spared the additional heartbreak that they had suffered.

I commented that they were real victims that deserved justice and it struck me that they mustn’t have any concept of justice.

The “Handmaids” in the balcony only serve to increase the suffering by diverting the intent of the law. For what? How narcissitic can they be? Rude beyond measure. I can only conclude that child sacrifice is the demonic driver of these people. They had no consideration for the families who had suffered such great loss.

The lunacy is further exemplified by the fact that, as I understand it, Handmaids were fertile women in a dystopian novel. The people in the balcony dressed as handmaids were not. They were in costume for show, to get attention. The epitome of selfishness.

These Handmaids were not only devoid of compassion. Their whole disgraceful exhibition was not even germane to the bill.


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