Who Are Abortion Collaborators?

During the Nuremberg Trials, Nazi leaders of the highest ranks were tried and most prosecuted. Some of the most important leaders of Germany were acquitted. There were so many criminals that, although thousands were prosecuted, many thousands more were not.  History records many investigations have been documented. The massive scale is enough to make my head spin, so as to lose sight of the fact that the millions of people systematically killed were individual people -parents, children, school teachers, artists, scientists, contractors…

Collaborators were occupied people who may or may not have been Jewish. They were targets of the same evil, but for various reasons, whether greed or selfish ambition or self preservation decided to help the enemy stamp out the minority. They carried out pogroms in their own regions.

I have often heard people say that Abortion is the modern Holocaust. Estimates of 60,000,000 pre-born children have been intentionally, systematically destroyed. Their tiny bodies pulled from the safety of their mothers, most discarded like trash, some experimented on, many incinerated. The one glaring difference is that we couldn’t know these tiny people. Were they astronauts, lawyers, backers, fire chiefs? They couldn’t be sent to labor camps or have their possessions stolen before they were killed. They were not tortured -for long periods of time- before they were executed.

They were killed before they could see the light of day. They were killed before anyone other than the abortionist could see them.

But it is clear that there are similarities in the way they are killed. There is a clear leader, with clear objectives and specific procedures for carrying out the pogrom. This organized massacre was not begun for the Jews here, but mainly for those deemed “Human Weeds.” People of color, people who were not considered of the highest intellect or who had any physical differences that the elites considered defective.

At this point, after the Supreme Court, comprised of nine white men, decided Roe v Wade that sates couldn’t keep abortion illegal, everyone, all across the United States that was born since is a target of the same murderous plot. Of course, it is well known that most of the abortuaries are found in minority neighborhoods. This fact decries the original intent of abortion’s most vicious advocate, Margaret Sanger.

Now every child conceived is a target, sought out by abortion vendors who actively market their destruction. Who should be considered collaborators?

Elected officials

Lawmakers swear to protect people by declaring an oath of office. This oath, though somewhat vague, usually contains the express statement to uphold the constitution. The fourteenth amendment of which states that people should not be deprived of life, liberty, or property is therefore implied in the oath.

So, logically it follows that when elected officials vote to keep abortion legal, to make allowances for the practice of the intentional killing of pre-born children, and granting monies to abortion vendors, they are complicit in the brutal murder of the innocents.

When lawmakers vote against restricting abortion, they are complicit in the deaths of all within their jurisdiction.

Executive Councilors in NH approve the contracts submitted our state. Aldermen or other titles apply to people who approve contracts to entities seeking money for providing services to citizens in various municipalities. These people are responsible for approving resources to all kinds of vendors. When they approve contracts with abortion vendors, they have blood on their hands. In my estimation, they too are collaborators.

The elected officials who knowingly take our hard-earned tax dollars and give that money to help fund the entities who are killing tiny human beings are directly responsible for the shedding of innocent blood.


Landlords help to keep the death camps of our modern time. Business owners who rent, lease or sub-let to abortion vendors are also assisting in the slaughter. I curse the monetary profit of the men and women who knowingly provide space for this horrific practice of child sacrifice. The tiny people who lost their lives will never be able to tell of their injustice.  The silent voice of the blood of the dead cries out for justice. The most vulnerable people in our society have no voice of their own.

Abortion Sympathizers

From the Hollywood elite to the local abortion vendor escorts, people who promote the idea that people should be able to choose to kill another without legal repercussions are, in a essence, pushing for stronger people to kill weaker people. This unjust mindset leads to increased child abuse and murder. It is a bully mentality that perpetuates violence.

Similar to the idea of the Nazi sympathizers, those who promote the ideas of superior people, assigning value to some and not others, defective or deficient people, worthy and unworthy of life by some arbitrary criteria and not the simple attribute of being human, these people don’t even realize that someone stronger, wealthier, more powerful, or more dangerous just might place them in a category of unwanted someday.

Pro-lifers with Exceptions

Lest we forget, there are millions, perhaps billions of people who claim to be pro-life with exceptions. These are a special kind of elites. They believe that most babies should be protected from abortion, but there are some who should be killed.

These people perpetuate a similar twisted bully mentality. Their confused compassion for women who have conceived from acts of violence would advocate for more violence to be done to them, rather than for their care and healing. Precious women who have been assaulted, either by rape or incest or trafficking or domestic violence are further subjugated by well meaning Pro-lifers. The societal expectation that women, pregnant by assault, want or need abortion is horrifying.

When you consider that abortion kills a baby. Then, you tell women who have suffered a core violation of sexual abuse that they should, submit to an abortionist’s knife to enter her body in similar fashion to her rapist’s and cut her own baby up inside of her womb. It’s revolting.

And those with poor in-utero diagnosis are also expected to abort. This is obscene. If your baby will die, you should kill him or her? The very idea that if your two year old is diagnosed with a terminal illness, so you should kill him would cause outrage. You would spend every minute and do all you could to savor the time with your child and people would applaud you for doing so. The child in the womb is no less a child, no less deserving of your love and attention, and no less worthy of protection.

Apathetic Bystanders

In Germany, many residents near the death camps were brought to see the devastation. The aftermath was so gruesome that some people fainted at the sight. Some who had smelled the incinerators from a distance would now see the piles of bodies that were scheduled to be cremated. Those who had heard the screams of the Death Train sobbed themselves. They were apathetic bystanders. They neither assisted in the slaughter nor did anything to stop it.

So many people ignore the death camps here in the US. We go about our business. We carry on with our lives while thousands are killed each day.

As in the years following the Holocaust, too many crimes had been committed to be prosecuted, too many criminals to be chased. In our day, with abortion remaining legal, no prosecutions are set to take place. There will be no criminal proceedings. But there are crimes, criminals, and collaborators.

The Good News

There is redemption and forgiveness. Individual people all over the world who have been impacted by abortion. It is in individual lives that restoration happens. Whatever your part, whatever my part in the abortion holocaust, we can each move into a place of peace and advocate for the lives of our fellow citizens of earth. The voiceless, the weak, the most vulnerable need us desperately. It truly is a matter of life and death.



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