Let Freedom Ring

We bought a new batch of Rhode Island Red chicks this spring. They aren’t as friendly as some that we’ve had in the past. They don’t come when they are called even though I did everything the same. I called them whenever feeding, fed them from my hand, spoke to them frequently while they were in the warmer for weeks. So, I was concerned that they were not safe roaming. I hadn’t let them out of the pen, until today. They busted past when we let the older hens out. Freedom!

They seem so happy, pecking and catching bugs, running and flying across the grass. They only lift off a few feet, but they were definitely having a blast. They flock, for the most part, but one or more often lag behind. Then, as if they suddenly realize they are alone they call and frantically pace back and forth. Either the flock responds and they meet up or one of our dogs will go over and drive them toward the group.

It’s great fun to watch chickens. They have a simple life. As I sipped my coffee this morning, I looked at a few of them drinking water. They scoop it with their beaks and tip their heads back, like an old man taking pills. Then they shake the drops off their faces. They are free in the yard, but that means they are also vulnerable. So, we keep and eye out and listen for the hawk that frequents the area.

I thought about the social worker who helped me escape from juvenile sex trafficking and saved my daughter’s life. I had the opportunity to thank her recently. After thousands of times of wishing that I could, I now can any time. So, I sent her a text, just saying thanks. I was grateful to be able to do it. I have been able to thank the woman who opened her home to me and a few other pregnant teen girls. Some people would have considered us trash because in our freedom we became vulnerable. For various reasons, we were not kept safe from predatory men. Thank God there are pro-lifers who open their hearts, their wallets, their homes and give up their time, resources, and privacy to rescue women and their pre-born babies.

I’m free today because of people who love God and follow His Word, to rescue those drawn to the death.

It is not lost on me that the Founding Fathers and generations of patriots secured the freedoms I enjoy on a macro level, but for many like me, the personal freedom we enjoy on a micro level is due to people around us – people we have an opportunity to thank.

I hope you will take every opportunity to enjoy your freedom and thank those who help make it possible today.

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