What I mean by Pro-Life

To me being pro-life means respecting the right to life for all human beings. It isn’t being against abortion. Although, I oppose imposed death in all forms, from abortion to euthanasia and so-called assisted suicide.

Rather being pro-life is about respect and honor of the innate worth and value of every human being on the face of the earth, regardless of his or her size, location, level or state of development, their specific method of conception, or their environment.

Science fiction is here, as many of us know. Those movies we watched as small children have become our reality, including the manufacturing of children and all of the ethical concerns that accompany that technology. Law suits and battles for embryos in stasis are called snowflake babies and they are living human beings in their earliest stage of development. They have the right to life.

The elderly, infirm, so-called disabled sometimes referred to as differently-abled, are targeted as if they are somehow less worthy of life than a smart athlete, a scientist, or chemist or any number of other abilities. I’m not suggesting that anyone has to give up their lives for others. God already did that. I am saying we shouldn’t kill people. Everyone is as worthy of dignity as anyone.

Just because we can manipulate genes, human growth and development and how people die, doesn’t mean we should.

Further, being pro-life means caring for others -others in the community, hear and abroad, others, who may never be able to return the favor. Again, Scripture tells us to care for the poor. The poor, you will have with you always, Jesus said. We are expected to care for less fortunate people.

We are also admonished to lift others up, when they stumble. Teaching others and giving them the tools to live better lives is not just a privilege, but a responsibility. It’s not hard to do. Just look around and work within your sphere of influence.

Care for one another. Simple.


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