What’s it Worth

Remember the song by Loverboy, Working for the Weekend? It was about working all week so that you could have free time on the weekend to find romance, to enjoy yourself. The idea is that you do your duty and get rewarded with a good time.

What was the expense? I mean what does it cost to have what you want? Really. Thinking about what it cost in terms of time, energy, money, or the impact on others is common for me, but I don’t imagine everyone thinks that way.

When an experience is our focus and we are working toward that thing, whether it is a week-long vacation or a few minutes at the top of a mountain, there is effort expended to get there. I think is is vital that we know what the cost is.

For example, recently, I met with a few people and we were talking about laws, lawmaking and lawmakers. A few in particular were troubling. I believe in personal liberty. I don’t think laws should govern our every move, but I know that our society is corrupt and without a moral populous, people abuse people. It’s a sad truth.

We need laws to protect and to provide justice. So, why would someone be a lawmaker? I imagine that the reason would be to protect and provide for people, but that idea doesn’t hold any water, when you look at the proposed legislation. Many laws do not provide protection for people. Some restrict and control people to the point of choking off their personal liberty altogether. Or worse, there are laws that expose the most vulnerable people in society to vicious, predatory villains.

What are lawmakers working for? One can only surmise their intentions. We cannot think for other people.

We can count the cost. Sometimes only in hindsight, but I think everyone has a responsibility to society, to themselves, to their family, to God or the universe, if you like, to actually look around at what their own lifestyle is worth.

What’s your lifestyle worth?

I ask myself that question frequently. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I thought I would be dead by now. I think of how my choices affect others, near and far. If I go here or there, what impact will it make? If I spend money on this or buy that what are the ripple effects? I give thought to how I spend my time, what projects I do, who I see, correspond with etc. Lots of times, I have regrets or second guess myself, but I am trying to respect my fellow man.

The lifestyle of a lawmaker is one of prestige. Even in NH, where the House of Representatives number 400 and they are basically volunteers, receiving a small stipend per term, men and women are invited to events where they dress up, have authority, receive accolades, and especially respect. They are making laws -laws we all abide by or suffer the consequences.

As a lawmaker, they also get flack and it’s hard work. I am not enamored, by any means. But what is the lifestyle worth?

If one were to vote with abortion vendors, the cost is in numbers of tiny human lives.

That thought is staggering.

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