I Talk Too Much

Not all the time, but sometimes, I definitely talk too much.

It could be in meetings or when I do lessons, I forget the importance of conversation. It’s not that I don’t care what others have to say, I just get distracted. I might jump in with the things that are creeping into my mind. Or, like with a lesson, I have so much that I want to share that I forget to also receive.

As a communicator, I do know how important community is. Communication and community are all about sharing what we have in common or exchanging what we have so that it becomes what we have in common.

In my desire to have more of a dialog here, I’d planned to set up a survey to ask when everyone would like new posts to arrive… Mondays at 9am or Thursdays at 2… that sort of thing. For all of my good intentions, I am not tech savvy enough to do it. I don’t want to talk too much. I do want to interact.

Talking is easy, but I get stuck with technology. It should be easy. It’s not. Not for me. Perhaps,the day will come for someone to walk through it with me and I’ll see how it’s done, but for now. Maybe you could just comment in the box?

Maybe, it doesn’t matter to you at all. Frankly, much of what I write is evergreen content, so anytime works.

I really want to know what subjects you’d prefer I focus on. I talk about human trafficking, sexual abuse, and pro-life issues. Recently, I have written a bit about chronic illness and Lyme Disease.

As I travel and talk to people around the country, I try to be mindful and listen more. Everyone knows what they know, but unless we let them talk about it, we won’t know what they know.

So let’s share. I’ll keep my mouth shut a bit more, so we can see what you have to say.


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