I’m Pain Capable, How ’bout You?

I feel pain.

I was conceived by rape and I am pain capable.

The Pain Capable Unborn Child protection Act, sponsored by Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell would prohibit the brutal practice of late term abortion most of the time. Really? Not really. Maybe.

There exceptions in the bill for those children conceived by rape or incest. So, somehow we are supposed to believe that this bill prohibits abortion based on the fact that children who have reached the gestational age of 20 weeks will be protected from the excruciating practice of tearing off their limbs and crushing their skulls, but only if their conception was not connected to an act of violence.

What irony. To perpetrate such an act of violence only on those who are already the second victims of violation in the first place. Never mind that these children are innocent bystanders. Forget that they are of the very same gestational age. They develop nerve endings in the same way. Their development is no different from any child by any other means of conception.

I find it absurd that we are having this conversation. Technological advances in prenatal development show their humanity. We see indisputably that babies develop way faster than we’d previously thought. Yet, we are talking about when it’s ok to kill them?

Have mercy and seek justice.

How can it be in a civil society, one founded on the principle of just law, that we have a bill, ostensibly designed to protect a segment of the population with exceptions if their father is a criminal?

Ridiculous that there’s a bill that protects babies from feeling pain while their limbs are being chopped of and their heads crushed at all, but even more ridiculous that there is are exceptions if the baby’s father is a criminal! Do you see the absurdity? How is it that in our country children are subjected to this kind of brutality? Moreover, how is it that those calling for some mercy for most children are so cruel as to punish the children of rapists and not the rapists themselves.#abortion is #Absurd #PCUCPA is #UnJust. We’d like Justice for ALL. Wouldn’t you?

Save The 1 has a petition to go to the sponsors. It’s simple and asks for the discriminatory language to be removed. If you agree that it is unjust to punish the children, because their father is a criminal, then please sign on with us and share the link, so others can too.

  • James Anderson

    Hi Darlene, I signed the petition but I was distressed to see that only five people have signed the petition since it started on on 10/10/17.

    October 18, 2017 at 8:46 pm

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