Planned Parenthood’s Circular Business Model

Planned Parenthood is a business that preys on distressed people, destroying their children, using a circular business model.

Business is Business

It has been my experience and long held opinion that any business model should include retention of customers and repeat buyers. No matter what you’re selling, it’s easier to develop a relationship with customers and keep selling.

Think of it as the way you shop for a new outfit. You see the catalog. Online or in print, it has to look appealing. Attracted by appearance, you open it. That is your first step. Then, you consider the options in the array that is presented. If you are not risk adverse, you order right online. If you are like me, you want to go to the store to make sure it feels ok and fits correctly first. After you buy once, it is easier to go back to the same process.

Planned Parenthood knows this. Their savvy business managers make it look appealing by using bright pink and blue colors. Ironic statements, opposite of truth, but subtle enough to be believed are common. But their main tactic is to keep you from actually seeing their “product”. Instead, euphemisms keep you looking at pleasant things like healthcare, trust, and non-profit status.

Planned Parenthood is not the people.

The people who work at Planned Parenthood are not the business. They are people. People who are multifaceted, full of good attributes and often some bad ones -just like you and me. I am in no way demonizing the people who work at the clinics. That is not to say that some may be downright evil in the things they do. Think of Kermit Gosnell.

However, the people carry out the business. People might be sucked in with the same euphemisms that bring in the customers or clients. Some are displacing their own grief and justifying their own abortion experiences. A few think it is actually the health care field. At some point, they each have their own understanding of what is happening.

There have been quite a number of the people who work in the abortion industry who have left, helped by And Then There Were None. ATTWN is a ministry specifically to help people leave the abortion vendors. Remember, it’s a business. That was their job. They need money to live as much as anyone else. So, getting stuck in a job like that is a tremendous trap.

Open Eyes Open Hearts

Once a person’s eyes are open to what’s happening inside the abortion vendors, they leave, but what about the clients?

That is where we see the circular business model clearly. First of all, Planned Parenthood sells sex. They sell sex and sexual promiscuity in schools and magazines, online and in print. They sell sex to all ages and all stages. They sell the idea of sex and then, they sell products that are designed to give the appearance that the consequences of sex can be alleviated.


Their condoms have been found inferior. Condoms don’t prevent a number of sexually transmitted diseases anyway, but they are not good even for the standard of condoms. This is surely by design. If they ‘fail’ the client will have to go back to the clinic to get treatment, either for the std or the pregnancy. It’s a trap, a hook, an attractive package to get you in to buy.

IUDs are better than they used to be, but still cause problems. They do not prevent children from being conceived, they cause the new humans to be flushed out. They make the uterus inhospitable. Some have chemical components to kill the baby too, but some work by simple mechanics. A baby begins to grow, but has no safe place to stay.

Patches, shots, rings and other chemical barriers are altering the client’s hormone levels in order to prevent pregnancy. Hormonal birth control has long been linked to breast cancer. It may work for that one consequence of sex, but it doesn’t prevent sexually transmitted disease or infections and it won’t do anything to alleviate the heartbreak of sour relationships, tainted by disruption of sexual intimacy. Again, the client will be back to deal with the infections and potentially, a pregnancy in the future.

The pill is now a whole category of products. With varying amounts of estrogen and progesterone manipulation, trial and error can find a combination that is not only tolerable for a woman to take, but also will prevent pregnancy in most cases. The pill’s complications are many. Most recent findings are increase in suicide. Occasionally, a fertilized egg will escape the  chemical attacks and grow, only to be ushered out by an inhospitable uterus created by the pills or they might find a place to reside. Ah, pregnancy, the prize of the business model.

The Final Sale

The final sale is not the end goal. The final sale of abortion is just another hook in the retention of customers. It is the big money, but not the end. In some cases it is the beginning. A woman or girl may go first for abortion. A mom may take a daughter or a husband take a wife. This may lead to multiple abortions, more birth control devices, and more disease testing for the business.

The final sale is very often a go-to for abusers and traffickers. They coerce abortion to keep their victims subservient and demoralized.

There has been a lot written about the 3% of services and such. It is part of the glossy catalog to keep you from seeing the product of Planned Parenthood. They use words and word pictures instead of the truth of their business. Planned Parenthood kills the most vulnerable people on earth for money, lots of money.

The saddest part is the death. The lives of every person on the planet has been impacted by the death sold by Planned Parenthood.



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