Looks Can Be Deceiving

Looks can be deceiving. Yesterday, I attended hearings in my state’s Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives. It was surreal. I felt like it was a dystopian fiction. How were we talking about killing babies? When the people who kill these little people for a living lie, stupid lies, they receive respect…

Pink isn’t Planned Parenthood

One of my friends was there. She had a bright pink emblem on her shirt, I didn’t notice exactly what it was. She also wore a pink winter vest. So, it was bright pink and puffy, but it was not to represent Planned Parenthood. Some abortion advocates swarmed her as she came down the hall. I’m not sure she realized that she would attract the unwelcome attention.

She spoke of the tragedy of abortion. There were people in the room that assumed she would oppose a bill that would restrict abortion in any way. The bills were the most minor disruption in abortion business people’s day, but most of the people who spoke were in favor of the bills.

Since we live in a state that refuses to report federally mandated anonymous abortion statistics, we have no idea what is happening behind the abortion vendor’s doors, except what they tell us. There were two women from an abortion business testifying that they give women heaps of information, never pressure and even recommend pregnancy centers.

At the Doors of Hell

They look like regular medical facilities. There are some tests and prescriptions, even check ups. If there are direct gates to hell, the killing centers are surely some of them. Just like the concentration camps of old, everyone is at the gates of hell, when it comes to abortion. The people who work there, the people who service them, the people who get services from them are all at risk, but the innocent have no way out.

Thank God for And Then There Were None. The immense deception that overshadows the abortion industry is broken. When people see the reality, they have a place to go for help. Real help is available too. Not platitudes or pats on the back, but they are shown a way out and given the resources to make the trip.

A Picture is worth a thousand words.

At the hearing, a few people talked about how brutally these little ones are killed, but even then the terms can be abstract enough to fail to create an adequate picture.

One bill would ban abortion after the child was old enough to live without his of her mother, viability. Parents of preterm children came and showed photos of their children at the ages when other children are being killed. No one showed photos of abortion victims, who may be killed up until the moment of birth without the slightest penalty of our law.

The Committee was about to decide if it should remain completely legal to kill similar children.

I used to stand at the very abortion vendor represented. I had, what I called a gruesome picture. It was an abortion victim of the age when most abortions were said to be done. I didn’t know what I know now. I will never forget the woman who rounded the corner that last time I brought a gruesome picture to an abortion business.

She was much bigger than me, but she was a fractured soul. She was already crying when she came around, but seeing my sign she sobbed. Ushered past by her male companion, she slowed and looked at me. I said, “You don’t have to go in there.” “I do,” she said with his arm around her shoulder he led her up the stairs, heaving and sobbing. I was changed forever. She was most certainly too.

Should We show the Reality?

Yes! Yes, everywhere. But it should be in a situation with support, facts and purpose. Yes, at concerts, fairs, colleges, sports events, everywhere. If we are ready to offer hope, help and healing for anyone who has submitted to abortion, then yes.

But if we are trying to rescue those at the gates of hell. No.

If you are standing at the gates of hell, don’t carry a poster of a person burning to death, because you don’t look like a rescuer, you look like a travel agent.

A Future and a Hope

Not a soul  on earth is immune from the impact of abortion. No matter how distant, the whole world has been affected. The Scripture tells us perfectly clearly to rescue those drawn toward the death.

If you watch the news or even just your news feed on social media, you will see all kinds of tragic events. We can look at the world and think, “All is lost.” That is not true. If you are still breathing, then you have a purpose. Not everyone is called to do the same things. We are not all able to stand at the gates of hell.

We can all make a difference for someone. Some of us can make a difference for many.

40 Days Out

I’m a planner. I usually plan about 40 days out. Sometimes, I’m booked to speak a full year in advance, but usually it’s just a couple of months. My message is always to bring that hope of a better future. I plan so that I can be effective in outreach.

Today was one of my scheduled times to plan my goals and organize my schedule in ways to meet them. As I looked at the events yesterday and plan next steps, I realized that looks can be deceiving in so many ways.

My friend, that I’d mentioned may speak at a 40 Days for Life event. It looked like she was testifying on a bill, but she was also getting ready to encourage those who stand at the doors of the abortion vendor’s for 40 consecutive days.

40 Days for Life groups can be found all across the country. I hope that the people they encounter always see them for exactly who they are, people who genuinely care about other people and who can help them avoid going through the gates of hell. Life is hard, but God is good.


  • Change isn’t going to happen at the doors of an abortion clinic. Not that it can’t ever, but we need to be speaking to people’s hearts long before they are walking up to the doors. The language surrounding abortion has gotten hijacked. It has become more and more clinical and allows far too many people to skate over the issue without ever truly comprehending what is taking place. People in agreement for abortion or those willing to look the other way focus only on the woman. We need more people standing up and fighting for the innocent baby. Thank you for writing about a difficult topic.

    February 8, 2018 at 7:57 am
  • This is so true ! This world needs to make a change.

    February 10, 2018 at 2:16 pm
  • I almost aborted my sweet daughter so many years ago. And if it wasn’t for God’s divine intervention to stop me from going, I more than likely would have gone through with it. Thank You Lord for Your mercy to intercept and get involved in my life the way that He does! But I wouldn’t have been able to live with the guilt afterwards. Since I gave my life to Christ, my eyes have been opened to the horror of abortion and the lives of the babies lost. These ladies truly (well some of them) don’t know what they are doing. Praying for them today. TY for your post! ❤

    February 11, 2018 at 11:37 am

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